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Preparing for your second baby with expert Eilish Saba

Having your first baby is of course, an exciting time. It is one new experience after another, each day filled with questions. The support is endless; books, classes, friends and family to guide you at every step. 

Having a second baby is also an entirely new experience, and you need to prepare for that differently. With so much information and support on 'speed dial' with your first child, practical support for number two can sometimes go silent.

So we spoke with Eilish Saba, the founder of the Baby Care Company, who runs classes for parents expecting number two, who shares with us some useful tips.

What made you start up your 2nd  Baby preparation classes?
I had friends asking for advice on managing their babies and toddlers and felt there was a lack of easily accessible, practical information on ways of looking after two children. When you’re pregnant with your 2nd baby, you’re so busy juggling work and looking after your toddler that there’s very little time to pour over books and think about what life will be like. Our 2nd baby class covers everything you need in two 90-minute sessions and parents stay in touch after the class so you have a ready-made support network too.

How should parents prepare for their second baby?
We cover a lot of information and practical tips on our course. Topics include: practical things to do and think about before you have your baby; ways of managing meal times, going out, bed time and bath time; introducing them to each other; managing jealousy; gearing your child up for the baby and a reminder of newborn care in terms of sleep and feeding.

What is your advice for how to prepare the eldest in becoming a sibling?
This really depends on the age of your older child. It’s a good idea to keep the routine of your older child the same as much as possible, especially with regard to meal times and bed times.

What are the biggest challenges with baby number 2?
The challenges differ depending on the age gap between your children (something we cover in the class). Most people find tea time the hardest part of the day as everyone is hungry and tired and your baby can be at its most demanding.

What would be your top tips for parents before their second child arrives?
Try to get some rest before having your 2nd baby, try to streamline the bedtime routine of your older child if you can, and stock up on toddler meals in the freezer.

As Eilish highlighted, maintaining a routine can really help ease your eldest into the change of welcoming a new sibling with meal times being pivotal. Lune + Wild’s toddler meals can live in the freezer and be portioned out as needed, helping with the cooking, feeding and washing up when time gets tight. We want to thank Eilish for answering our questions and giving us such helpful morsels of advice. All the information on when and where her classes
take place is available at

To stock up on our organic toddler meals for delivery before your number 2 arrives, visit our shop page or contact us with any questions. We are here to help as your family grows.

Written by Radheka Kumari