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Lune + Wild

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More FAQs

Products and Ingredients

Where do we source our ingredients from? 

All our vegetables come from Organic Wholesalers. The grass-fed lamb is reared on The Haye Farm in Devon. Other main suppliers are Hodmedods, L'Esterre Organics, Hatton Organic + Biona 

Are the ingredients in our products organic?

Yes 100%. All the vegetables and meat we source are organic, as are the grains and spices.

Do our products contain any allergens?

Yes. We include a wide variety of ingredients including allergens, following the NHS advice to introduce all the allergens before 12 months.  We include allergens to help parents maintain them as part of a regular diet. To read more see our Allergens FAQ 

Where can you find information on allergens in our products?

On the product listing on our shop page, on the menus that accompany your order and on the ingredients label on the packaging the meals are delivered in. Allergens will be listed in bold.

Payment and Delivery

What methods of payment do we accept?

We take all Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, Google pay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay

Can I buy as a one-off purchase or do we offer subscriptions?

We offer both, try once then why not subscribe so you have one less thing to remember. Set up weekly, fortnigthly or monthly deliveries. Pause, skip or cancel anytime by logging into your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Easy! log in to you account and make any changes to your delivery dates, product selections. Cancel any time too. If you have questions, please reach out to us at

Where do we deliver to?

We deliver to all mainland UK. Some remote areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland and islands we are not able to reach yet.

How much is our delivery fee?

We charge £4.99 for delivery. Orders over £50.00 receive free delivery.

Our delivery costs are much higher than £4.99, but we subsidise this for you.

Do we accept returns if you are not satisfied with your product?

If the product does not meet your satisfaction please get in touch to discuss a refund or replacement. We do not accept returns due to the nature of our product. Please take a photograph of the product and dispose if necessary.


Packaging and Storage

How should you store our products?

Products should be stored in your freezer and maintained below -15 degrees. If the products defrost, consume within 3 days, do not re-freeze.

How long do our products last after they are delivered to you?

You will receive your meals with a minimum use by date of 1 month.

How do you heat up our products?

The meals  will come with heating instructions. All the products we sell can be microwaved from frozen, or defrosted in the fridge and heated in a pan or microwave. They pots can be emptied into an ovenproof dish and baked – great for the pies! Otherwise, serve them in the pot and save washing up!

How many portions are in one pack?

For Babies from 6 month+ a standard box provides 16 x 60g cubes. These can be 8 or 16 portions, depending on the number of cubes served at once. 2 cubes makes a brilliant meal size, 1 cube is great served alongside finger food.

A pot is a perfect portion for 1-3 years. For 4+ years we suggest serving alongside some extra veggies, starch or meat depending on the meal. 

For example :

The Shepherds Pie would be great with a side of broccoli and peas

The Sweet Potato + Bean Chilli could be served with chicken strips

The Spring Green Pesto Orzo could be served with baked fish

Is our packaging recyclable?

Yes, all our packaging is recyclable with the exception of the ingredients labels on our baby boxes (not for long – we are working on it!), please remove these from the packaging before putting into your recycling bin. The branded stickers are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

To dispose of the insulated liners, please remove the plastic sheets and recycle with your plastic bags. The natural fibre wool can be placed in your general waste as it is biodegradable. The icepacks are not currently recyclable (we are working on this), however they are reusable.

Any further questions, please get in touch: to the page.