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Lune + Wild

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Meet the Team

Created by cousins, Nadia + Lara

Lara is a trained Chef who has worked in kitchens such as The Ritz, London and The Newt in Somerset. The Seasonal Menus of Lune + Wild are inspired by her travels, which is why you'll find everything from Mini Moussaka to slow simmered Daal for your child to explore. She believes seasonality is imperative to celebrating flavour and encouraging sustainable eating. 

Nadia became a mum and realised first hand the challenges of weaning. Thankfully Lara came to the rescue with her frozen cubes of delicious goodness! Before maternity leave Nadia worked for ethical food brands, leaders in sustainability, pioneering better consumer choices for all.

Our Experts

All our recipes are created with the expert guidance of our team of Paediatric Dietitians.

Paediatric Dietitian Paula Hallam, expert in weaning and allergy research

Paula Hallam

Specialist Paediatric Dietitian with 20 years experience offering professional, evidence-based nutrition advice.

Judith Calvin

Specialist Paediatric Dietitian with 19 years experience in both NHS and Private Practice

Dr Mahtab Chenevix-Trench

PhD in developmental genetics and trained Nutritional Specialist

In the kitchen...

We have a small but mighty team of trained chefs who lovingly hand prepare every meal from scratch.

Meet Ben, who trained at Ballymaloe in Ireland. He created our best selling Creamy Chicken Pie!