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Milk Ladder Recipe Guide

7% of babies under 1 have a Cow's Milk Allergy (also known as Cow's Milk Protein Allergy or CMPA). At Lune + Wild we are here to support families through all stages of weaning and our menu provides dishes to cater to your little ones dietary requirements. We have worked with Judith Lynn, our Paediatric Dietitian to create a practical guide to the milk ladder, to be used when your healthcare professional has confirmed it is safe for you to reintroduce milk into your babies diet.

The concept of this ladder is that the more ‘baked’ cow’s milk protein is, usually the less allergenic it is. Therefore you will see that Step 1 begins with a form of very well baked milk protein and then the further steps give examples of gradually less well baked milk protein products.

The following tips should make it easier for you to understand how best to use this ladder. 

  • Before starting the ladder and progressing to each further step, please ensure that your child is well at the time and also that any tummy symptoms, bowel symptoms or eczema are settled.

  • Most children will start on Step 1. However some may be already eating one or more foods on the ladder. If that is the case, you need to be advised which step you should start on.

  • The Ladder has 6 steps, but your HCP may adjust the number of steps to suit your child best.

  • The time spent on each step will vary from one child to another depending on their individual expression of milk allergy. this should also be discussed and agreed with you.

  • The amounts in the ladder are given as a guide – occasionally smaller or larger amounts may be recommended.

  • If the food on any step of the ladder is tolerated, your child should continue to consume this (as well as all the foods in the previous steps) and then try the food on the next agreed step.

  • If your child does not tolerate the food in a particular step, simply go back to the previous step. You should then be advised when that further step can be tried again.

For the ultimate professional support package with your child's Cow's Milk Allergy, from Judith Lynn, Paediatric Dietitian, who has 13 years of experience working with parents of CMPA, please visit to access her Cow's Milk Allergy Essentials Club. 

Judith also offers a Cow's Milk Allergy Masterclass plus Dairy Free Food Plans starting from just £5.50.

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